Thursday, June 26, 2014

Half Bad by Sally Green

4.5 stars

Loving the blood effect on this cover as well as this debut novel.

I stumbled upon this gem while looking for another book at the store. Honestly, I was not entirely sure what to expect, but what I didn't expect was such an amazing and heart wrenching story!

Nathan's tale is one of sadness from the day he was born, for he is a half white and half black witch. What makes this so unfortunate is that Nathan's black blood is of the darkest and most dangerous origins. Despite being constantly viewed with disdain and treated with hatred by nearly everyone he meets, Nathan is strong, clever, and optimistic in his own unique way.

Sally Green does an amazing job with her story telling for it ensnares you and compels you to finish this book as quickly as possible. Along with a rocky and deliciously forbidden romance, readers also get to experience living in a cage, tales of torture, and an underground system for witches on the run or in need of an illegal favor that comes with a price.

There are a couple pages told from a first POV but I found it to be unique and different almost like you're being woven into the story. The idea of good/bad and black/white is strongly put into question.  I also found Nathan's view on life and his interactions with family and the people he meets to be beautiful as well as a touch cynical. My only dislike was my concern with his instant turn to brutality in certain occasions.

The ending was satisfying and left off with a mild cliffhanger but I see promise in it's sequel, Half Wild.

Heaven's Queen by Rachel Bach

5 stars
(trilogy for Honor's Knight)

What an ending.

It was honestly a whammy of a finisher, and with this final book the Paradox trilogy has earned it's way to keeper on my bookshelf.

The action and spunk continues as Devi seeks justice for the daughters, a cure for herself, and aims to solve the dilemma and mystery of the phantoms.  She is on the run from nearly everyone, but this time she is not so alone. This book was more pleasing in the romantic aspect, and even has an eye-watering moment. 
The action follows up not too far after and we even get a bit of a drama bomb near the beginning of the book. 

The most intense battle and flee scene in my opinion was near the end involving nearly all important and hard-core characters! I dare not reveal a single moment so I don't ruin it but the fight even involves the phantoms, and Maat so look forward to that!

Rachel Bach has written an awesome trilogy full of passion, action, and girl power. (Hell yeah!) So what's not to love?

Honor's Knight by Rachel Bach

5 stars
(sequel to Fortune's Pawn)

Applause for Rachel Bach for such an action packed series! The sequel was made to not disappoint as we continue where we left off but with more questions and more drama!

Now that Devi is missing her memories, she finds herself frequently confused. If not by why her memory is suddenly blank, then her unexplained disgust for Rupert the cook, what happened for her to have such a huge gap in her mind and why she is seeing little glowing creatures.
Besides our heroine's internal struggle, there is the constant threat of the Fool's trouble attracting reputation that keeps her on her toes and in constant motion and along the way Devi begins to discover new information about the enemy. The more she learns the more the Fool and it's crew grow in suspicion and appear to be more than they seem...

I feel readers only scratched the surface with Fortune's Pawn, we gain more information about the mysterious phantoms, what is up with the Captain's quiet and unusual daughter, and just what is going on underneath the surface of the Fool? Be ready because you will be blown away. I can only fall on my knees in silent thanks that Rachel Bach is a kind author who released the third book a month later.

(Review for Heaven's Queen)