Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach

5 stars

I loved it to the point of raving, and I hated it to the point of throwing it across the room. 
Which just means it was that good.

You've got Devi Morris, spunky, kickass mercenary, who is talented and impressive and will do anything to avoid the future prospect of being stuck in a desk job. Put her on a ship that is known for attracting deadly trouble and you've got yourself an action packed 330 pages.

I honestly did not know what to expect when I started this one but it was really interesting! On this journey, you'll discover unusual creatures, zombie aliens, deadly secrets, and unique and powerful human beings.
Devi alone is a clever and dryly humorous heroine who owns some seriously tricked out, high quality armor that she loves so tenderly, that we too develop feelings for the hunk of metal. Have I mentioned how attached she is to her weapons?

Life on the ship is made interesting even during the tamer parts of the story, due to the motley crew the captain has rigged up. Who would have thought the navigator would be a bird, or the doctor a race of alien that usually eats humans? 

Each character is well described and unique in their own way. You tend to grow attached to them all, really. There is plenty of action for the thrill seekers and even some romance which was tastefully written and not a plot sucker.

Alas, it was the romance that left me throwing the book down in frustration and anger in the end, but I am still eager for our upcoming sequel. You can follow my review for that here.

There isn't a moment to be bored with this one, and everyone loves a little space travel with a kickass heroine!

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