Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop

5 stars

Better cover than the first!

Warning: If you don't have the stomach for rape or insinuated gore, I would honestly consider if you want to read this book. It's an adult book and it can be dark. 


I have been dying for more of the Others, and it has finally come!

Alas, as quickly as the book was released, I also completed it just as fast. It was so good!

Murder of Crows takes a darker twist than it's predecessor this time around with more diabolical means to killing the others with such recklessness that innocent people are getting dragged in. While the plot takes an interesting turn, our main characters gain new development; our meek Meg is growing into her new surroundings as she learns to adapt, become tougher, and grows in independence. 
Meanwhile our wolf leader, Simon, becomes softer in his constant exposure to Meg. We learn much more about the dangerous drugs Gone Over Wolf and Feel Good and their terrible origins, as tension between humans and others rise considerably.

The relationship building between Meg and the Others is so unique and simply adorable in some ways. Honestly, I didn't think I'd enjoy the perspective of animals so much as I do in this book, it's so accurate, innocent in some ways, and heartwarming. 
Meg and Simon's relationship also undergoes serious development as they grow closer and more accustomed to each other to the point of relying on each other and even needing each other's company in their most vulnerable moments. (Yay!)

Meg's past is also given new views, as we focus on the dark side of the corporations that own and sell the cassandra sangue and our POVs include Meg's independent friend, Jean which was truly an interesting, and sometimes horrifying, add on.

The struggle for peace among humans and others continues in the third book, Vision in Silver!

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