Thursday, December 3, 2015

Omens by Kelley Armstrong

 Well, well Kelley Armstrong. Nicely done.
I must say I liked your books when I was a teen, and now I'm enjoying your books as an adult. Or should I say really enjoying? Cuz hot damn I tore through this like a ravenous animal.

Armstrong starts off with a simple life and a complicated girl; Olivia Taylor Jones. First a rich, well known socialite, suddenly thrown into the harsh spotlights of the media when it is revealed that she is the daughter of renowned serial killers, The Larsens.

Instead of sitting around crying about it, even when the people around her prove utterly useless and unreliable, Olivia takes matters into her own hands and seeks refuge. She finds it Cainsville, a mysterious, small, yet quaint town. It is here that she also meets Gabriel, a ruthless lawyer and this, in my opinion, is where the real adventure begins.

I liked how even though there are small descriptors given to our characters, Armstrong gives even better personality shape. I fell in love with our characters just by who they were rather than what they looked like which was nice. I wasn't forced to deal with the cliche, "he was dreamy, with wind-swept black hair I longed to tousle, and eyes so green they swept me away to the Irish fields!"

Kelley also did a fantastic job of tinging a mystery with paranormal. It wasn't all about Olivia's gift, they just helped move the story and mystery along. They helped increase the climax of a dangerous moment, or unveil more complications in an already messy situation! All books can be also easily swept away with romance, but Omens seemed to promise it more for the future, and build the tension leaving readers wanting more. (Oh, do I want more.)

Some might say that there were too many questions, but this book doesn't feel like your average book. The ending doesn't wrap up the way I'm used to, leaving things feeling slightly unfinished, which in an odd way, I enjoyed. It made me more eager to pick up the next book. There are many questions readers have, many Welsh words that are left untranslated, but at the beginning of the book Kelley promised that we would find out at the pace of Olivia. So I decided to be patient and wait, as frustrating at times as that may be!

 Lauren - 4 stars

My review to the sequel, Visions, is here! 

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