Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

5 stars
Bravo, Rachel Hartman, Bravo.

This book simply swept me off my feet.
What was not to like? The story falls into a more medieval state of time with knights, princesses, earls, and so on. The story opens on our main character, the lovely Seraphina. I was immediately pulled in upon the first paragraph.
I remember being born. In fact, I remember a time before that. There was no light, but there was music: joints creaking, blood rushing, the heart’s staccato lullaby, a rich symphony of indigestion. Sound enfolded me, and I was safe.

Is that not poetically beautiful? I can usually tell when I’m holding a winner in my hands, and this book not only outshines all dragon books I’ve read, but other fantasy books as well. I easily fell into the stride and woes of Seraphina, as well as the people around her. The scenery was described so naturally that I felt like I was there. All the characters are easily loveable, and all the villains hate-able as I assume it was intended.
Seraphina has a deadly secret that she needs to keep, which gives her an edge of mystery and cunning. She is cautious but brave, as well as cleverly observant. Orma, another main character, is lovable in his own way. Despite that he is somewhat cold, and his affections do not come easily, you can’t help but want to love him and cuddle him.
Another bonus to this book is I was not bored with the plot even once, and Prince Kiggs is just…so adorable~<3 The more you know about him the more you grow to love his character as well. I was really fascinated with Seraphina’s mental garden.

The love was bittersweet throughout the entire book and a little sweeter at the end though still a little bitter.
Seraphina’s story is always climatic, and always in suspense. I highly recommend this book to all fantasy and dragon tale lovers. At least give it a shot, and see if you’ve fallen in love with this book as I have. I cannot wait for the release of the sequel! All in Ard, readers!

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