Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Always A Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

4 stars
This cover is way better than the first.

(sequel to Once A Witch)

A serious improvement compared to the second!

All my pet peeves from the first book were pretty much eliminated from the second. For starters it felt way more action packed than the first. We pick up where we left off with Tamsin and family deciding how they plan to face off with the future troubles ahead involving Alistair and the old Knight family. 

Alistair has escaped to the Victorian-era to warn his family of their impending troubles, and there's nothing for Tamsin to do except follow and try to save her family as well. 

It was way more action packed
  because Tamsin disguises herself as a lady's maid in the enemy's home where things are a dark whirlpool of trouble. If there isn't the threatening, domineering La Spider, there is Liam the dangerous, experimenting son who has a flirtatious facade. Jessica is the only normal one of the family, and you can't help but grow attached to and pity her situation, though she is strong in her own way.

The Greene family predecessors were quite talented as well. Isobel was by far my most favorite, though Thom was definitely second. Although we didn't get to know the entirety of the Greene family you still got the feeling that they were well rounded, and altogether fairly decent people.
With the feeling of Tamsin against the world, I found myself quickly reading through the book to reach the anticipated conclusion.

Throughout the book Tamsin is reminded that she will have to make a life-changing decision which really makes the book even better in the end since it was amazing though a little sad. I was happy with the realistic view of it though like the first book.

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