Thursday, November 21, 2013

Angelfall by Susan Ee

5 stars

Occasionally in life, there is that book. 
That book you go into not really sure what to expect and then you read it and it isn't what you expect at all, and yet you're not really disappointed...this is that book. Except along with a lack of disappointment, I also was accompanied with the emotions of shocked numbness, eagerness, and horror.

Step 1: Readers, you know those fluffy images of sweet angels full of guidance and good advice? Take that image, crumple it up, and... 


There you go...
 because Angelfall doesn't have those types of angels! HAH. No, no. According to this storyline, we are under the impression that angels lead to the fall of humanity. That's right, they led to this dystopian setting.

Step 2: Don't eat while reading this book....just trust me, okay?

This book is not for the weak of heart...or stomach, and if you tend to have horrible nightmares induced by anything you watch or read, I probably wouldn't recommend this book to you, either. I'll give you a little taste of whats under the cover.

To me, the most horrifying were the children that were cannibalistic little monsters and the nephilim. Who knew such a disgusting thing could be created by the joining of angels and humans?

 Nephilim are seriously romanticized in other books compared to these things...

Now that you've braced yourself, enjoy the crazy! With a heroine like Penryn, who originates from a family circus of crazy (mother is batshit crazy, father abandoned them, sister is paralyzed), and still manages to kick some serious ass in order to survive and save her sister, you just can't dislike her. Not to mention, she's daring enough to bargain with an angel, Raffe, for his help and assistance. That's ballsy. 

Hang onto your seats, cuz you're in for quite a wild ride...

My review for the sequel, World After.

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