Wednesday, December 4, 2013

World After by Susan Ee

5 stars
(sequel to Angelfall)

 So. Damn. Good.

I must calm myself. Well, this was one hell of a sequel, readers!

We pick up from we left off with Penryn and circus family trying to adapt to the new events in their life. Penryn longs to find Raffe, but she is struggling to cope with a lot of new life events like the unusual behavior of her mutated sister, as well as trying to blend in. Alas, everyone knows that someone as badass and wild like Penryn cannot simply blend in, but at least the twins as Penryn make a fun trio!

I can't help but think that the twins remind me of a non-magical set of Weasley twins; up to no good, conniving, weird but funny, and really clever.

At some point of the book Paige runs away and Penryn is determined to find her sister in fear that somebody will harm her. Thus beginning the adventure once again as along the way we find out more about Raffe, the angels, and what the hell is up with the nephilim/scorpion creatures. We also get to learn more about Raffe's super special awesome arch-angel sword!

The book was heartfelt and warming; despite the struggle of Penryn and Paige. Sisterly bonds stand above all else. There were also some other heartfelt scenes that I can't wait for you guys to find! The sequel is just as horrible and scarring at some parts as the first book. The ending was seriously awesome, and left quite a cliffhanger for the third book! 

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