Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Written In Red by Anne Bishop

5 stars

What a knockout! 
This was amazing, I'm ashamed I put it off for so long. 
(I blame the weak book cover.)

I've got to say I'm not usually one for werewolf stories but oh, this was so much more.

Readers are introduced to a world where humans are second in command and the supernatural run the roost. Tension is high but our focus is on a different town where the wolves and other creatures that dwell within the closed off park, try to live in peace with humans.

The leader of the pack is Simon Wolfgard a temperamental and fierce wolf who runs the human friendly bookstore called Howling Good Reads. He is definitely more animal than human as are most of the park members which is proven as they will consume any adult trespassers. But Simon finds it somewhere in his heart to take in the naive and gentle Meg Corbyn, who is a runaway prophet who longs to start a new life that isn't controlled by the organization that owns her as well as the others of her kind.  

She takes on the job of liason and spurs our story into action. The character and world building done by the author is simply astounding. I was easily sucked up into this new world, and was helpless but to turn the next page. You become easily attached to everyone, and I simply adored how easily Meg won people's hearts, even the most difficult.

Her bond with Simon's scarred nephew is especially heartwarming as she withdraws him slowly from his shell. Her relationship with Simon is very special and has been progressive but not instantaneous which was actually quite nice!  It has left me excited to see how they progress in the sequel.

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