Friday, August 30, 2013

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

3.5 stars
(sequel to Throne of Glass)

Well to just get it over with, this book cover...
Sure it matches, the paperback of Throne of Glass, but urgh! Serious dissatisfaction, this is not now I imagined Celaena at all!

Now for my opinion on the book. At first, I was honestly shocked. 
I wasn't sure how to handle the cheesiness. In simpler terms, sometimes I felt like I was reading a book just kind of trudging through the events. Then at other times the style was more fluent and I was able to fall into character forgetting that I was in fact, reading.

For at least the good beginning portion of the book, we pretty much just dawdle in the puddles of drama that consist of Celaena, Dorian, and Chaol. 
Chaol and Celaena get closer, while Dorian just gets more and more jealous, quote:
"Damn him for caring. Damn him for every moment spent with her."


It was there that I honestly, had to put my tablet down for a bit and just not...touch it. Not that I minded the romance, I had expected it, enjoyed it even at parts, and in my opinion, it might play some important role for the future books. But it just seemed to be the main event for the first half, and I know I ordered a YA fiction not a romance novel.

I was also starting to get frustrated with Celaena, you'd think she would realize how important is to get in the game, considering her experiences in the previous book. Instead she closes her eyes, covers her ears, and just ignores everything around her to the point where Nehemia pretty much calls her on the carpet for being a coward.

The book improves once some serious shit goes down.
Celaena realizes she can't play blind forever, and that she has a role than just being an assassin. 
We actually start to progress with the story!

Things like what is Celaena's greater purpose? What is Celaena's super secret dark past? (Which I totally called by the way, except for one part...)
What does the deceased fae Queen expect Celaena to do in order to save this Kingdom? How much power does the King actually have?
Dorian also gets some surprises of his own in the book that I don't dare spoil! 

I was able to take the book much more seriously afterwards, making it more enjoyable.

The ending is such a cliffhanger, I am hoping for some serious action in Book 3! So pull through the first half, so you can get to the action! And follow my review for Heir of Fire!

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