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Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand

This review will include the entire series.
5 stars

 A truly unique angel series.
 I usually avoid the cliched themes if I can help it, I'm sure you've all noticed when there's a theme in the book business. Vampires, werewolves, mermaids, you get the gist.
I was drawn in however, when I saw promising reviews on this angel series! Yes, it has a love triangle, and yes it's about a young teenage girl trying to fit in.

But it exceeded the usual crap by starting out immediately with Clara, our main character,  
receiving a vision.
From the reaction her mother takes of immediately picking her family up and moving to another state in accordance with this vision, we know these things are pretty damn important. There is also different types of angels. You have your quarter bloods, half bloods, and triple bloods which are more rare, and of course your full blood angels whose appearances come and go on Earth.

You also have your good and bad angels.
Which are defined by the color of their wings, since their wings represent their soul. So naturally, evil angels are called "dark wings." 
 Intriguing little concept that was thrown in there!
The whole story revolves around Clara moving from California to Wyoming with her mother and brother, in order to complete her vision and meet the boy in them.
We find out later that this boy is Christian, local popular boy but we also get to meet Tucker, our hometown cowboy; meet our love triangle. It was definitely one of those rare good love triangles, but for the first book the love triangle doesn't get competitive just yet.

As Clara tries to adjust to a more simple lifestyle with new people, she of course pines and pursues her vision boy, Christian. All the while, trying to be a good angel, and live a somewhat normal life. When Clara reaches a low point in her romantic pursuits, Tucker is there to pick up the pieces which leads to a budding romance that nobody can honestly dislike.
What makes the romance wonderful and difficult for readers is that for once, both boys are crush-worthy gentlemen!  
 The book is definitely has its action points, for example, a stand off with Clara and a dark wing! The ending of the book definitely hints at future romantic tension, people. Prepare yourself.

Don't you just love matching covers?
5 stars

What a follow up!
Usually sequels are outrageous disappointments, that "slow book" in the middle to lead up to the final book and it's (possible) excitement.
Cynthia Hand said NAY.
I found myself engaged in an exciting rising action book, that made me cry bitter tears into the pages. Bitter not because I was frustrated, but because this book was genuinely sad.

To start off, I can see why this book was named Hallowed since "hallowed ground" plays an important and often used appearance in this book. Clara's complicated life has taken a definite turn for more drama, as it has now peaked with a moody brother, new angel related worries, and Christian determined to put himself into Clara's life
and Tucker trying to make sure he stays out of it.

We find out more about Clara's secretive mother,  and are introduced to a  
ton of new angel bloods!
We also get to FINALLY meet Clara's mysterious father and what we find out is wow, mind blowing.
 Samjeeza, the dark wing who was causing a lot of trouble for Clara and family, keeps pestering and causing problems more than ever in this book, but this time we find out a little more about his history and how it ties into Clara's future and how he was was an important part of her mother's past.

5 stars

I've got to applaud Cynthia Hand for writing a smooth flowing story that never slows, is well paced, developed, and keeps readers engaged.
 Each book is fascinating, 
I was never bored. I especially appreciate how she developed her characters in this series so you can feel how they've matured since Unearthly and Hallowed. The way she ties angels and religions together appeases readers, and the importance of family is beautifully displayed, a concept lost on a lot of books from the YA genre in this day and age. This really is a must read series.

A flaw in the book though was that I felt honestly torn when it came to Clara choosing between Tucker and Christian. I found Tucker to be a great romantic interest, in the first book especially since I felt Christian had a lot of maturing to do. By the second book, I found myself torn. By the third book I truly felt that it should be Christian. He makes a lot of sacrifices for Clara in the third book, and they have an amazing connection as fellow angels, two of only nine triple blood angels on Earth! 
There was even a great opening in the book where Clara could have truly chosen between the two but instead it took us for a twist, and I found myself disappointed feeling that the book had copped out when it came to choosing the permanent love interest. 

Despite my disappointment, this book was the best out of the entire series! It really had meaning and feeling!

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