Friday, August 23, 2013

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

5 stars

To be honest, I was skeptical about this book at first. We get this huge info dump in the beginning of the book that we have to try and sort through to the point of re-reading a couple of times to try and grasp the concept. But that's what I'm here for; sarcasm and summarizing. 

(Plus there's a glossary in the back. Wish I'd known that before.)

Welcome to New Age London, run by a government, Scion, that hates clairvoyants.
Year 20-something or other. Meet main character, Paige, who is a clairvoyant of a more rare class: dream walking. She can project her spirit and did I mention she works in the crime syndicate?

 But hey, who can blame her, I mean the government is pretty much a giant asshole. Think "Watchmen" here, people.
When some unfortunate circumstances come into play, Paige learns a more dangerous trick with her power, and a guard ends up dead, the other insane. Paige gets caught, and knows it's the end for her, the government has killed for less after all. 

Imagine her surprise when she finds herself taken to a hidden city where clairvoyants are hidden right under everybody's noses. Everybody's but Scion who plays a hand in this project. The city is run by creatures who aren't human called Rephaim. 
I wasn't a 100% sure what these guys were exactly, but all we know for sure is that they come from the aether; a place where spirits go for peace and clairvoyants draw their power.

The only reason Scion is working with them is because of these nasty creatures called Emim who hunger for human flesh. Due to these monstrosities Scion needs the Rephaim, thus helping form the reluctant pact between alien and human. 

Now you're thinking, what is so bad about a place that caters to clairvoyants? They get to escape from a society that hates them, to a place where their talents are rewarded.
 Except that Rephaim treat humans and clairvoyants that are useless like slaves, dogs. They beat and starve them, use them for entertainment, for personal slavery, feed from the 'voyant's auras, train most of them to be soldiers to fight the Emim and capture more clairvoyants. Rephaim can also take clairvoyants under their wing, and become their "Keeper's." 
All around assholery 'round these parts.

Just wait until you meet the Queen of these winners, Nashira. This woman is all out poison, and the more you read about her in this book the more you despise her.

We also get to meet Arcturus. 
 Also known as the Warden. Dark, sexy, mysterious, and yes, different, from the other cruel Rephs.
(You'll come to find that the words "special" and "different" in a book describing a love interest are serious taboo for me.)
He changes this story, and helps Paige. He takes her under his wing, becomes her Keeper and trains her to help master her unique gift.  He has quite the history and Paige is out for freedom, for a revolution and she plans to escape or die trying.
 Intriguing, yes?

Now a lot of people are calling this story unique and original, that Shannon is the next J.K. Rowling, and that there is a possibility of seven books.
I wouldn't say this story is original, but it's very entertaining, a great read! One for my personal shelves. Exciting suspense once you stick through the beginning, but I don't see a necessity for seven books. (Dear God, please, no.) Just seems highly unnecessary.

The next book's release does not have a date yet! Also, if you'd like give me a shout out on your opinion of the book, feel free. :)

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