Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab

This cover is simply gorgeous.
4 stars

I'm pretty sure this is Schwab's debut book, and I loved it!
A story told in a different time, where women's rights were pretty much non-existent, and men were jerks all the time, magic was considered witchcraft, even evil.
 Lexi is a strong willed girl in a small town, she loves her sister and mother will all her might, and doesn't seem to fear witches as much as other townfolk do. They even have a an old story of the old Near Witch, she calls to you on the wind, but you must never answer. Then things start to get interesting, when Lexi meets a young boy who seems to disappear on the wind. 

Children in the town start to disappear,
 and Lexi fears the worst and knows she must investigate before her sister is next.
Such a good book, appropriately creepy and spooky! I adored the love story behind the action and mystery. You'll fangirl over Lexi and Cole too once you see them together!  The characters are well defined, you do have some of your typical cookie cutter types, and the development was intriguing! Truly a fun read!

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