Saturday, August 3, 2013

Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey

I really liked this one.
5 stars

A lot of love and hate went out for this book, I personally put myself on the side of the fandom. 

Mary Lindsey made a stunning debut, with this captivating book cover and a story of ghosts some up to no good, others roaming about the earth with unfinished business. Then you've got Speakers and Protectors. Speakers are the people who can be possessed by the ghosts in order to communicate and help satisfy and complete unfinished business the ghost has. Protectors do what their title indicates, and feel an emotional connection with their Speakers. They also try and help out with the spirits by also communicating and guiding them. The bad thing is not all spirits are good, and you have your dangerous ones dubbed "malevolents."
Usually there is a reincarnation cycle for these speakers and protectors, so usually once you're partnered up, it's for life, after life, after life...ect.
Lenzi thinks she's a normal young gal with her boyfriend, who in my opinion was a flaw in this book. He had some serious issues. She's normal alright, except she can hear ghosts and it's freaking her out, until she meets Alden who promises he can help her.
I found the story to be engaging and fascinating. 
It was a new take on the whole spirit communication process, not to mention I was dying for some serious make out action with Lenzi and Alden this entire book. Plenty of action and chaos to keep me intrigued, and the ending was good though I'll admit it left me wanting more and in a frustrated way. 

Lucky for me, and all the other fans, Mary Lindsey has announced a sister book!
Different characters, but I was told that Alden and Lenzi would be making an appearance! Yaaay. 
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